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Your Viking is the only agency in Croatia that offers its students insurance packages for your program.
In order to secure the funds you have invested in the program, and to avoid any adverse impacts of the changes that may occur and prevent your participation in the program when you least expect this, we offer you the following additional services:
Viking Visa Safety: 

If you do not get a visa, Viking will refund you the $ 160 fee you paid for the visa interview.

Price: only 25 EUR!

Viking Money Protect: 

If you do not get a visa, Viking guarantees you the return of all your full paid amount for the W&T program (except Docs Handling fee).

Price: only 25 EUR!


Payback Program: 

Ability to quit the program at any time, for any reason (unless the J1 visa application is rejected) with the refund of the full paid amount for the program.

Price: only 99 EUR!


VIP Advantage: 

Combination of all three insurance at a promotional price. If you do not get a visa, you have the right to a visa reimbursement fee for the US Embassy and the right to refund the amount paid for the program. Also, you have the option to quit the program for any reason, and you get all your money back.

Price: only 139 EUR!


You can combine insurances as desired upon signing the W&T contract

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