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Whether Viking is offering the job offer or you have found one by yourself, securing a housing is an important condition for the Work and Travel program. 

Premium Program : The job offer has detailed information on the terms and price of accommodation and the amount of the deposit. Some employers require a deposit from participants, which in most cases is returned at the end of the program. Participants are normally housed in houses, apartments or dormitories fully furnished. Cost of the rent will depend on site conditions and the general market situation of hiring in the region. Average weekly rent ranges from 70-120 USD. The amount of rent is often retained from the student's check, but also may be required in cash. In some of our job offers employers provide free accommodation. Does it sound very good right? Ask for these job offers in the nearest VIKING office.

Self-arranged program : Already found a job offer and that is great! But you need to think about the accommodation. If your employer doesn't provide accommodation, consult with him where it would be appropriate to be in the summer. Information from local people is also very useful. If the employer can not help you, then you can search online. We 'll give you a hand and will provide contact information of students who already have participated in the WAT program in the same place.


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